Xxaxx Jewelry

Xxaxx Jewelry -- "Magical Forms in Silver & Beads" (a.k.a. Waveforms) -- are made from triple-nine fine silver and beads. The silver is called triple-nine fine because it is 99.9% pure silver. For reference you may want to note that sterling silver is only 85% to 92.5% silver -- the other portion being made up of copper and G-O-K (a metal composed of god only knows).

Triple-nine fine silver is a wonder to work with. It starts soft as butter. Then as one hammers the form, the silver "work-hardens" losing its flexibility to hold the growing form. This allows for excellent control and flow of the form. The only trick being a gentle touch to avoid bruising the metal.

I work with a tiny 2 inch anvil and a hand-made ball hammer. Along with a pair of round-nosed pliers and wire snips that is all the tools I need to create these magical forms in silver and beads. I prefer to keep it simple.

The elegance of each waveform is a by-product of intent and atmosphere not of design. I learned the art of making waveforms from science fiction author, artist and partner in science E.J. Gold (a.k.a. General Nunan).

I've been working with hammered metal for almost two decades now. During this time I've developed several series which return like old friends on a periodic basis.

While each piece is unique onto itself, these series sifting through my work like warp in a carpet.

To give you an idea, every now and then I'll discover a new form only to realize later that it is something I worked with fifteen years ago.

Often when struck with inspiration to create a particular piece, I'll make half dozen waveforms just to clear the decks of "old friends" that have been waiting in queue for manufacture.

Once these re-visiting pieces have been produced, I can get down to the serious business of hunting a new form. This process may also require a dozen or more pieces.

During the manufacture of each piece, I'm constantly scanning the forms looking for that certain something that leads toward coming on beam.

Some folks have asked "why not use an incorruptible metal such as gold?"

Gold is an excellent metal to work with, but (for me) it is the combination of purity and corruptibility of silver which gives it that special something I'm looking for.

Silver will accept and hold a psychometric charge easier than most metals. This helps in the original formation of the piece during its creation. And, it helps in the on-going formation of the piece during its relationship with the one that wears it.

Yep, the pendants and earrings continue to evolve through their relationship with the wearer.

This evolution is partially through the not so subtle process of bending and tweaking which will inevitably occur once the pendants have left my hands.

In addition the waveforms will begin to take on the "charge" of the individual wearing the jewelry. Anyone familiar with psychometry will be aware that objects can and do pickup readings from the wearer.

My intention has been to create magical forms in silver and beads which will more favorably accept charge generated by one's higher aspects and hopefully allow coarser vibrations to drain off like water from a duck.

While this effect may work, don't expect to jump into a psychic cesspool and come out smelling like roses, roses, roses.

One should never let price be the deciding factor in a purchase. As you peruse these pages, if you find a piece of jewelry that you feel is yours please don't let price get in the way.

If for some reason you honestly can't afford the stated price, give a call.

Either we can work something out for the piece in question, or perhaps another equally suitable piece can be created.

At the moment, I've divided the jewelry into four categories:

The Earrings category contains all my earrings todate.

The Simple Pendants are made from silver without beads.

The Pendants of Beads & Silver are less expensive versions of the High-End Pendants.

By the way, if you see a design you like but you'd prefer it in gold or you have a particular ancient culture or bead in mind let me know. You can contact me through this contact form.

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