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Welcome to my Imag3 art pages.

First off we may as well clear up a little confusion about just "who the heck I am and why do I have so many different names?" For the full magilla you should visit my Bio Page. The short form of the story is: born 1951 dubbed Claude William Needham by parents, given various nicknames -- all of which shall be studiously ignored, played Quake CTD, Quakeworld Team Fortress, and TF2 as Kruruk (or just plain Kru), became a character named General Xxaxx in a story written by a fellow author/friend, assumed Xxaxx as a pen name for writing, artwork, and other creative endeavors. Hence you will see me use Xxaxx and Claude Needham interchangeably. As mentioned previously for more of the story check out my bio.

Like most producing artists I have been horribly under involved in cataloging my art work. Given only 7 days in a week and only 24 hours in a day I preferred doing my art to the exclusion of capturing a proper snapshot of my production.

Hence, I am using Imag3 as a kind of carrot and stick to encourage me to do better in the area of cataloging my art.

Many of my pages are still under-development... i.e. I haven't uploaded the images or entered the pages. But they are coming soon. Honest. [Editors Note: 5 years later we have had to redefine the definition of "soon."]

Sculpture Index

The section on stone sculpture is well underway. The sections related to wood, bronzes, and found-object assemblage will have to wait for my art collectors to send in photos. I just didn't get these photographed before selling the pieces. I know it was dumb. But that's the way it went.

Jewelry Index

These bits of silver wire and beads are hand fashioned into miniature sculptures which may be worn as jewelry or in many cases mounted on tiny little bases as sculptures.

Paintings Index

Images coming soon. Text to follow shortly thereafter.

Pastels Index

Images coming soon. Text to follow shortly thereafter.

Artist's Statement

A beginning point at least. More to follow just as soon as someone explains what the heck an artist's statement is. ;-)


Under-construction. For the moment I'm stuffing odd bits and pieces about my life into this section with some expectation that I will trim and organize it soon.

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