Claude Needham (a.k.a. Xxaxx)

Claude Needham (Born: 9-2-51, Sacramento, CA) is an artist, writer, scientist, editor, gold miner, teacher, sculptor, painter, tree planter, programmer, webdeveloper, jeweler, author, screen writer, museum curator, game designer, and.... did I mention artist?

"I've been doing art since I can remember in one form or another -- sculpture, painting, ceramics, pastels, constructions, assemblage, games, metal and more. It comes as natural as falling off a bicycle, accept I don't skin my knees as much. "

Needham's major influences are Noguchi, Arp, Hepworth, Caulder, Gold, and DuChamp. His forms are reminescent of Early Dada coupled with plasmamorphic forms.

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